Fall Features

Your day outdoors evolves thanks to light-weight garments with hi-tech performance.  With characteristics like these you can go on where others stop.


Comfort Fit

Brisk movements are made possible by the Spandex stretch fiber found in the inner weaving.

Water Proof

Even after many hours, the surface does not absorb water, remaining waterproof.

Wind Proof

The item has been tested to be weather resistant.


The multi-layer technique that covers the item, guarantees a high level of breathability.


4 Way Stretch Full Dull

The most elastic and resilient fabric in the world adapts to the form of your body.  The outer layer is in double stretch fibre and allows great agility of movement.

Combo Project

The 3-in-1 combo makes your jacket extremely adaptable.  An invisible zip system allows multiple solutions, both in style and performance.  Warm or cold, rain or wind, the weather is no longer a surprise.

Thermore® Classic

Minimum volume, maximum thermal return thanks to the new process of “Reduced Thickness”, consisting in 50% recycled fibres.  This means sleek lines and unvaried internal warmth.


Thermal Properties

The extreme lightness of our items allows the body to move freely, maintaining the interior thermal comfort.


Winter Features

To make winter a season like any other, we have given each garment out of the ordinary characteristics.


Comfort Fit

Brisk movements are made possible by the Spandex stretch fiber found in the inner weaving.

Water Repellent

The exclusive Lycra layer lets you face the perfect storm and come out dry.

Wind Proof

The item has been tested to not enter any type of external atmospheric agent.


The multi-layer technology that lines the garment guarantees high levels of breathability.

Thermal insulation

The super techological polyester shell isolates your body from the external climate.



Fellex multi-layer is obtained through the most advanced thermal technology.  Each single layer weighs just 5-10g/sqm.  It is the very best form of thermal insulation for high performance outerwear.

Quality Duck Down 90/10

Our down comes exclusively from select adult ducks, with superior quality and softness. It is hypoallergenic and 90% pure. The best ever.

Real Fur

The enveloping real murmansky fur reaches a degree of thermal capacity that is difficult to match, producing heat that persists at low temperatures.


A higher thermal capacity is obtained by two outer layers that retain the warmth produced by the padding, the ultra-fine fibres of which confer softness and comfort.


The high quality and elegant microfiber fabrics are combined to a layer of polyurethane. This combination gives the jacket a high-level performance and versatile look.

Lycra Shell 3.0®

A Museum exclusive, three components in a sole fabric: durability, warmth and lightness. These factors allow great performances in terms of repelling water, comfort, breathable levels and warmth. The outer layer made of lycra gives the items a fashionable and elegant allure.

5000 WR

We have created the most waterproof Museum ever.  Designed with materials performing at 5000 WR, the textiles layer creates a practically invulnerable barrier.  Dressed so, let it rain…

Thermal Properties

The thermal characteristics of our garments are based on the amount of down or synthetic filling, which determines their weight.